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Why is your body changing so slowly (or not at all) despite how hard you're trying?

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First, A Couple Success Stories...

Ashley lost 20 pounds and 5% body fat in 3 months

Ashley joined my 12-Week Transformation program not having much background in fitness or eating healthy. She wanted to get in shape for her wedding. We worked together to implement the necessary changes in her diet so she knew exactly how to eat for results. In the gym, we started slowly and progressed her workouts as she progressed in the gym. The result was quite amazing. She gained lean muscle, melted off body fat, and increased her confidence ten fold. Needless to say, she rocked her wedding dress on the most important day of her life!

Beth lost 10 pounds & 3 inches from her stomach in 6 weeks

Beth had a history of being active while growing up, but after having kids, she didn't have the time to always be doing cardio or following strict diets. So she joined looking for a more effective way of working out that didn't involve constant, boring cardio but also got her back into her "athletic" body she once had. During a six week period, she dropped over 3 inches in her stubborn belly fat area while also dropping inches and body fat from her arms, hips, and legs! Once the body fat melted off, the lean muscle we put on really showed off and her arms, which was once a stubborn area, is now one of her best features! 

Personal training & coaching committed to helping you

Ditch the common, over-the-top fitness and diet methods that only make life harder. It's time you discover how to transform your body without using over-restrictive diets or relying on boring, endless cardio. Instead, learn how to work smarter, not harder, to finally achieve the healthy & fit body you deserve. Let me make your life easier by showing you how to be UNCOMMON!


Train Smarter, Not Harder

Discover effective workouts customized to your goals and fitness levels. Ditch the outdated methods and start transforming your body head to toe... without spending hours in the gym!

Live Better, Feel Better

If you want lifelong results, you have to stop relying on always "dieting" to get results. Instead, learn how to build sustainable habits that get you results, but also teach you a better way of living for a lifestyle change.

Accountability & Support

Stop feeling alone in your transformation journey and get the support and help you need to overcome obstacles. Plus, join a community of others just like you with the same goals & same obstacles so you can work together to build you ideal life! 

More Benefits of Joining Uncommon Body

  • No more being confused on what to do in the gym
  • Regain the active lifestyle you once had, or ready to start building
  • Feel confident in your clothes and feel sexy again
  • Have a coach always by your side so you can stick to your goals
  • Keep your workouts fresh so you never get bored and stagnant
  • Stop overthinking and instead just listen, take action and commit yourself to the plan
  • Change your life by building lasting habits instead of relying on strict eating and fad diets that never stick
  • Learn proper form to reduce injury commonly associated with weight training
  • Receive accountability & support to increase adherence to your goals
  • Join a community of others just like you so you never feel alone

"I lost 10 pounds in twenty one days, and in two months, I lost 20 pounds!"

Discover how Heidi lost 20 pounds, got fit, and regained her confidence...

I had tried so many things, I am not sure if I can remember everything. I tried cutting carbohydrates out of my diet, no sugar, watching my calorie intake (South Beach and Weight Watchers) and nothing stuck with me. I would lose some weight, but didn’t see enough progress and fell off the bandwagon. 

I was sick of complaining about feeling gross and continuing to eat horribly. I had three weddings coming up that I was going to be in and a trip of a lifetime that I wanted to be able to look back at pictures and look great in! Kyle was right of the bat full of knowledge. He was able to detail why eating one way or working out another would help me to reach my goal. He was always full of information and his background in weight loss, kinesiology and overall health made me confident in his direction.

I couldn’t believe that I lost 10 POUNDS in 21 days and In two MONTHS, I lost 20 POUNDS! Not only was I loosing the weight, but the inches were coming off within the first month; I lost over 6 inches the first month and then ANOTHER 7 inches after 2 months! I didn’t realize how important the inches coming off were as loosing the pounds. I felt so great in my clothes and I could wear sizes I never thought possible. The support of Kyle made the commitment to the diet and workout easier to maintain!

Heidi K.

A Few More Success Stories...

Ben lost 40 pounds total while gaining 10 pounds of muscle in the process

In short, I gained a bunch of weight and starting letting myself go after taking up a rigorous desk job. I was not happy with myself and knew I was better than this. I decided to make a change and thats when I started working with Kyle. After 6 months of working together, I lost over 40 pounds while also putting back 10 pounds of muscle I previously lost. Definitely don't hesitate to reach out to Kyle. He's a pretty chill dude as well, which always makes it better."

- Ben K.

Jenna lost 8 pounds and got ready for her wedding

“I knew exactly who to go to when it was time to get my body fit for my wedding. Kyle kept my workouts fun and different and even gave me great nutrition counseling. I surprised myself at what I was capable of in the gym with Kyle’s help. I’ve got tone I’d never seen in my arms and legs before, and my wedding dress fits like a glove! I’d definitely recommend working with Kyle.”

- Jenna G.

Alicia lost 15 pounds while losing 10 inches off her body

"I absolutely love working with Kyle. He is an amazing trainer and really works on making sure that he tailors to everyone on an individual level. I went to him last year for a few months and was VERY pleased with my results and overall understanding of how to maintain and grow my skills, I came back this year to advance my knowledge and skills. I feel stronger every day, and strongly recommend him!"

- Alicia P.

Get healthier, be happier, and live better... you deserve it!

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